dear ancestral wisdoms, how to weave our magnificent freedom futures?
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    THE CHILLS, 2014
    by Tiona McClodden

    Viewing: Listening station and installation available during all gallery hours, except during performances.

    SANCTUARY (at The Rotunda) |4014 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 | Available to LISTEN on October 10-12, 2014

    As a filmmaker, I am geared towards working strictly with moving images. During this sound residency I wanted to strip myself of my usual visual leanings, and immerse myself with sound and examine my relationship to music of the African Diaspora, with a focus on my family’s relationship to music from 1930 to present day. I created a series of binaural sound recordings using small mics located within my ears, in order to achieve an immersive surround sound. The goal was to explore my body’s response to specific sounds or musical compositions, or autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR), described as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the body or “the chills”. Being that the Sanctuary is First Church of Christ Scientist, my intent was to approach my relationship to sound as a scientist.

    Binaural recordings were my entry point into the science of how one listens. The binaural mics also allowed me to monitor my recording as I recorded various music genres within the Sanctuary, creating a meta experience of hearing . I also recorded Philadelphia-based members of the Black American community to sing songs from the genres of Negro Spirituals, Gospel, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, and Orisha music, encouraging them to produce the “beat” of the music by utilizing only their bodies and/or the fixtures within the Sanctuary itself. I’m interested in exploring how sound plays a part in how memory is constructed and recalled within the body. I also recorded, replayed, and edited the “sweet spots” of songs that personally give me “the chills” in each genre above to play within the final installation.

    I have installed the final recordings and sound experiments from the residency on a set of pews located within the Sanctuary. MOVEMENT I – Sweet Spots is a long form edit of 1,000 songs that I have edited to highlight what i like to refer to as the “sweet spots” of song that give me the chills. MOVEMENT II – Binaural Beats (Mother + Father) is my attempt at creating a binaural beat by taking the songs that I can recall via memory that my father and mother listened to during my childhood before I was able to choose the music that I wanted to listen to. I wanted to approach the idea of my physical self as my parents “binaural beat”. I chose songs and experimented with the frequency of the tones to induce a certain feeling within my own body in reference to both of my parents and their narratives. MOVEMENT III-Sanctuary Performances features performances by four Philadelphia-based Black women who I personally recorded using my binaural in-ear mics within the Sanctuary. I feel that these women are a representation of how music of the African Diaspora has manifested within the birthplace of America. My intent is that visitors listen to these recorded performances and experience the feeling of being present in the space of where the sounds were recorded.

    Artist bio:
    Tiona McClodden is a filmmaker and visual artist. Themes explored in McClodden’s films have been social change, social realism, re-memory, and more recently, biomythography. She has produced, written, and directed a range of films including her award-winning feature-length documentary film, black./womyn.: conversations with lesbians of African descent, a short narrative film Bumming Cigarettes, and an experimental film portrait roots.|&|rigor., featuring Philadelphia-based sculpture artist Lorna Williams. She also recently debuted the exhibition of the first part of her upcoming four-part series, Be Alarmed: The Black Americana Epic, Movement I - The Visions.

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    air -





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    Reason why testing doesn’t mean shit to me.

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    Happy birthday to Faith Ringgold, born on this day in 1930 in Harlem, New York City. Ringgold is known for her narrative quilts, in which she fuses her training in the fine arts with her familial quilt-making and story-telling traditions to communicate her experience as an African American woman. In this quilt, Ringgold transforms her memories of childhood in Harlem to depict eight-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot’s dream of freedom.

    Tar Beach 2" Quilt, 1990, by Faith Ringgold (Faith Ringgold © 1990)

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    Do Androids dream of how people are Sheep

    Mixed media on watercolor paper, 2011 Krista Franklin

    & Louis Futon - Mojito

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    Indigenous futurism

    Decolonize Outer Space:
    Renaming the Stars

    Call for Submissions

    Are you tired of referring to the celestial bodies by names given by our oppressors? Let’s reclaim our own histories of intergalactic knowledge! This zine will compile stories, names, and songs about the stars, planets, galaxies, sky spirits, and other outer space entities. Black, Indigenous and POC writers only.

    Send submissions to:


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    We were the aliens walking up to the 70s, a holocaust people on the move looking out from dark eyes.  And our children saw the mirage of plenty filling from money-mad sands, and they  raaaaaaaaaan    toward, the —       and the gods of sand made them immune to words that strengthen the breast  

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    Lean On Me…

    Hassan Gazali photography

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